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Terms and Conditions:
No Purchase required to enter or win. In order to win an individual MUST still be a part of the opt-in distribution list for TEAM BADDASS, in the event that a person opts-out of BADDASS Team announcements that person will be removed from eligible drawings.

Time Period of Redemption:
Any winner will have 5 days to agree to the terms and conditions of the drawing or a new drawing and winner will take place. Any winner will have 30 days to make their selection of item(s)/prize(s), based on availability of said item(s); Winners must choose from available sizes, and colors that are provided at the time of winner announcement.

In the event that a winner chooses an item or prize that became unavailable after the winner’s
announcement, a different item of equal or greater value will be offered as a substitute for the chosen prize and must be accepted as a substitute.

Proceeds of prizes at a value which exceeds $600 in aggregate during any calendar year are subject to US Federal Income Tax and may be subject to state income tax, depending on that person’s state of residence when prizes were won. In the event that a winner receives goods valued in excess of $600 within a calendar year that person shall furnish BADDASS with a completed W9 form, in order for a 1099 MISC form to be generated on the behalf of the winner. That W9, should be submitted to Legendary Beverage, 3418 One Place, Jonesboro, AR 72404 or emailed to


Disclosure of Winners:
BADDASS (BA), Legendary Beverage, and all its successors and assigns, may use the name, city, likeness of winner in any of BA advertising, social media, press releases, and or announcement campaigns in any form. Any winner who agrees to the terms and conditions of BA contest drawings is immediately granting BA, its agents, officers, employees, ambassadors, contractors and followers the right to use, publish in print or by means of the internet or any other media outlet, winners name, city, likeness to be published by BA including audio, video, still images and printed information of winner name, city, physical likeness, photographs, statements made by winner, and use of audio clips, and video or film footage for the purpose of promoting BA, its products and contests.


CONDITION of Actions Required by Winners:
By accepting a BA Prize, the individual agrees to photograph or video themselves using or wearing BA products, apparel, and/or gear. The winner agrees to post said image(s), to social media and/or to email said image(s) to If you would like to improve your chances of winning BADDASS grand prize drawing(s), tag us and follow us on social media platforms. Instagram BADDASS_COM and BADDASS on facebook.

Verfiy your name and email!

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